Unsolicited callers and distraction burglary

We have included a copy of this recently published leaflet that may help clarify what is meant by Distraction Burglary. If you have elderly neighbours, it might be a kindness to bring this information to their attention.

Don't be a victim

These people can cause untold trouble unless we take certain precautions,particularly for the frail and elderly. If you are friendly with any elderly neighbours and they welcome your help, keep an eye out for them. NEVER LET STRANGERS INTO YOUR HOME. Never accept an offer for any jobs to be done without a written quotation (NOT an estimate). Best, if you need work doing ask a neighbour if they know a reputable company. Much grief will be saved if you take these precautions

Safety and security are in most people's minds when it comes down to their home, car and garden.

The following sections are a simple check list of what you can do to deter. If, however, intruders are absolutely determined to get into your house they probably will but you can make it a much,much more difficult especially with observant neighbours.

If you are working outside in the garden at the back of the house do lock your front or side door. An opportunist thief only needs a few seconds to pick up a handbag or keys left in the door. If the latter you would have to replace every lock and car key. Expensive!

Older people should consider personal alarms or having " the button round the neck" which can summon help via the phone line. This type is available from most local authorities for a modest sum.

Strangers at the door. Don't open the door to people you don't know. Think about fitting a spy glass if your door is solid. Demand identification. Telephone the company who they say they are working for to verify they are who they say they are.

There are many publications produced on security, both personal and domestic. You will find that they are available from the Home Office, Hart District Council, Rushmoor Borough Council and Hampshire County Council. Their website addresses can be found on our page "External Links". It is also possible to obtain advice from local crime prevention officers.