Outside the home

  1. If possible don't allow access to the rear of the house, particularly if intruders cannot be seen. Put in a lockable gate and make sure it is difficult to climb over. If you use a padlock anywhere outside , purchase a closed shackle. Any ironmonger will show you a sample.You also might think about attaching a "Prikka-Strip to the tops of any gate, fences, walls, external pipes or under ground floor windows.
  2. The boundary. Fences may not be more than 2 metres high but you may attach a 1 metre high trellis to the top of the fence.
    Think about hedges with thorns, e.g. hawthorn, berberis or briars or roses with a fence to prevent someone from crawling underneath it. Very nasty. But remember there may be problems if the front of your house cannot be seen. (See Prickly Plants for planting ideas)
  3. Paths & Drives. Gravel if possible, including round sheds; people walking on it make a noise
  4. Lighting. Install floodlights up to a maximum of 300 watts round the house triggered by infrared sensors with a control panel. This panel will control the lights. Also individually switched from within the house.
  5. Depending on circumstances, think about your own CCTV, connected to either your TV or to a dedicated mini screen. But you may not have a camera outside your boundary.
  6. The garage. If using up and over doors put bolts on all 4 internal corners with pop-rivets. If the number of the lock is visible on the outside, it's best to disconnect it and lock and unlock from the inside. Someone can always buy the appropriate key!
    • If your garage connects directly to the house, install a half-hour (minimum) fire door.
    • Ladders. Chain them to the wall.
  7. Garden Sheds and Workshops. Do make sure these are locked. If you have valuable tools think about an alarm. This can either be connected to your house alarm or you could use a stand alone variety or even a "personal type alarm"
  8. Please, please don't leave a key under the mat or dangling from a piece of string inside the letterbox. It's just where it would be looked for. Much better with a neighbour or a nearby relative