Inside the home

  1. Install an alarm. This is probably the most important thing you can do apart from good quality locks. You can install the system yourself but better to go to an officially recognised company. Your insurance company will discount your premium if you have a maintenance contract and the company is one associated with"Nacos" who set recognised industry standards.

    Movement detectors are the type that intruders dislike most, allied with those set in door frames. Detectors on window glass are likely to set off false alarms if you live on a busy main road with heavy lorry traffic, underneath helicopter flight paths or very close to aircraft taking-off.
  2. Locks. 5 lever mortice locks should always be fitted on all external doors. These are insisted on by most insurance companies. Yale type locks are accepted if, and only if, they are of the double locking variety. All too easy to break the glass in a door and undo the Yale.
  3. Additional security:
    On doors:
    • Bolts that fit on the hinge end of the door and fit into a hole on the doorframe add some strength.
    • Bolts fitted inside the door itself and operated by a hex key on the inside on the lock end. Standard bolts screwed on the inside of the door can easily be mad ineffective by putting a shoulder to the door.
    • If you have a solid front door and cannot see who is at the door, install a spy glass.
    • Also a chain if you feel you need to open the door to see directly who is there without them being able to push into the house. But don't buy one of the cheapo versions.
  4. Windows. All windows, whether sash or casement should have locks fitted. Modern replacement windows have them fitted as standard. Again most insurance companies will expect the windows to have ben locked if you have a claim and may penalise you if they were not.
  5. Patio Doors. Should have additional locks fitted to prevent them from being lifted off their runners. Again a requirement for insurance. Fit a block to prevent the moveable door from being lifted out of its slide.
  6. French Windows should have "shoot" bolts fitted on both doors, top and bottom.
  7. If you have an alarm we would advise NOT to lock internal doors or cupboards or furniture such as desks. Intruders will force all locks resulting in greater damage.