Marking Possessions

There are several ways to mark your possessions that depends on what they are and what they are made of. In every case the marking should include your postcode and the number or flat number ( or the first two letters of your house name) e.g. 5ZZ 2XQ15 where 15 is the house or flat number OR 5ZZ 2XQ RO where RO stands for Rose Cottage.

Engraving or Etching

Engraving or etching is suitable for many hard surfaces. This method leaves a visible and permanent mark.

Ultra Violet or Invisible Marking

A "UV" pen can put an invisible mark on your property which can only be seen by using a UV lamp. The disadvantage is that it will fade in sunlight or it can be washed off. Regular renewal is required.

Ceramic Marking

A special ceramic marking pen has been developed to mark china, glass or any glazed surface. They do not cut or scratch the surface but leave a permanent mark.


A set of metal dies include all letters and numbers from 0 to 9. You can use them to punch your postcode etc on to items such as mowers, garden tools and cycles etc. You need to do this on a surface that will not be damaged by the punches. Try to put the marks where they can easily be found.

Smart Water

This is expensive but is perfect for antiques or other valuables. A laboratory will manufacture a series of individual "brews" each of which is unique to you and members of your group, road or NHW Scheme. You would need to be in a group to afford it.