When you're away

  1. Tell your keyholder when you are gong to be away and for how long.
  2. Make sure they know how to contact you.
  3. If they are good neighbours ask them to move your mail somewhere out of sight, close and open the curtains morning and evening.
  4. Have a number of timer switches set to a logical on and off in the evening to simulate a house with people actually there. Sitting rooms, kitchens and bedrooms; but make sure you cannot see into the house particularly if there is a television downstairs that could otherwise be seen.
  5. Also ask them not to put a label on your key identifying your name and where you live.
  6. Make sure you have cancelled you newspapers, milk and any other regular delivery.
  7. Tell the police. They have a form for this obtainable at any police station.
  8. Put other valuable items in the attic. Out of sight is sometimes out of mind and anyway burglars mostly don't have time to look everywhere.