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Fleet & District Neighbourhood Watch

We are lucky to live in an area of low crime but houses still get burgled, cars stolen and garden sheds get broken into. Front doors and back doors get left unlocked or a laptop is left in a car in full view for the opportunist thief.

Police CarThis is where Neighbourhood Watch can act as a reminder for us all not to let our guard down at any time. Fleet & District has some 6,000 households as members. In those houses are 18,000 pairs of eyes, assuming an average of 3 people per household. Little happens without someone seeing it. How that incident is interpreted by the observer whether the police are contacted or not.

The Police have limited manpower resources and will target their efforts on major problems such as drugs and certainly cannot be everywhere. We really can make a difference to the security of our area by reporting what we see rather than feeling that it is none of our business. It is not snooping, it is a way that we can look after our neighbours and ourselves.